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  • Appalling condition of cycleway between Fulbourn Tesco and railway

    Created by David Earl // 1 thread

    The cycleway has a sever problem with tree-root damage. The largest fault is a sharp triangular profile about 10cm high. This has been reported to CambsCC six times according to their fault reporting, starting two years ago, including one person who came off their bike beacause of it. I reported it in September 2018. Nothing whatsoever has been done about it.

    I wrote to my county councillor (John Williams, in whose division this also lies) about the failure to act in January. He did not reply. I have written again today.

    Yesterday, I was thrown off my bike by my pedal catching the largest upstand. Fortunately the only damage was a sore knee for a few hours.

    I have now made a formal complaint of negligence to the Counmty Council. They have had two years and a report of injury, but have failed to act.

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  • Stapleford to Sawston cycleway

    Created by Jon Warbrick // 1 thread

    Contractors are currently rebuilding the section of the Stapleford to Sawston cycleway (part of NCN11) between Sawston traffic lights and the junction with the Sawston Bypass. This isn't a problem in itself and is welcome but it is a bit surprising - while this section of the path was uneven in places and rather narrow it was still better that much provision elsewhere (including elsewhere on this cycleway).  It looks like it part of this.

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  • Mud on Francis Crick Avenue

    Created by Sam Webster // 1 thread

    There's been a ridiculous amount of mud on Francis Crick Avenue this year. It's been particularly bad recently and is obviously from the various building sites.

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  • Clayponds Avenue Surface

    Created by Space Pootler // 1 thread

    Clayponds Avenue is a crucial cycling link between South Ealing and the Great West Road, but the surface is so full of potholes as to be a risk to ride on. Nearly all group rides make use of the Olive Road/South Ealing Cemetery/Clayponds link, but it remains largely ignored by Hounslow Highways since requests for repairs began to be filed in 2013. As of late 2015, one individual recorded no fewer than 47 separate potholes.

    There are also scars left over from the removal of pedestrian refuge islands and other road furniture.

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  • Tower Bridge road surface

    Created by londoncycler // 1 thread

    On the south (Southwark) side of the bridge just before the central section there is a very prominent ridge approximately one metre away from the kerb and running parallel to the bridge for some 30 metres. It is located exactly in the path of cyclists crossing the bridge who can be knocked off as they cross the ridge in either direction. In the dark and in the wet the ridge is very hard to see and cyclists may not see the ridge. The fault has been reported repeatedly in the course of more than 2 years to the local highway authority but no action has been taken. Can the highway authority explain why the ridge has not been removed?

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  • St Peters Dock lethal rail tracks

    Created by Alex Oldman // 1 thread

    Disused railway tracks on St Peters Dock provide short section of road surface that is dangerous to traverse from East to West by bike.

    If you are avoiding crossing the tracks then you are forced into oncoming traffic.

    If you cross the tracks, you are then potentially trapped between parked cars and the railway tracks, which can be dangerous.

    The tracks are very slippery when wet or icy, and sections are often hidden underwater because there is poor drainage after heavy rain.

    Ideally the tracks are totally removed, or the surface covered with concrete or tarmac.

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  • 'Quick Wins' - minor cycling infrastructure improvements in Camden

    Created by George Coulouris // 2 threads

    Camden officers have indicated that they would like to receive prioritised list of suggestions for (very) minor improvements throughout the borough that will make cyclists feel better catered for. Examples of changes that will be considered:
    - dropped kerbs
    - obstructive barriers (i.e. anti-motor cycle barriers)
    - stretches of poor road surface (such that you have slow down on a Brompton or weave around holes)
    - Feeders into ASLs that are too short or non-mandatory

    Changes that shouldn't be suggested for this initiative include:
    - anything that would require a local consultation
    - anything that involves changes to parking provision
    - individual pot-holes

    To compile a list, we want suggestions from members. The Council's deadline is Monday November 25th. So can we have members' suggestions by Wednesday November 20th please. That will allow time for us to compile a list and circulate it here for comment.

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  • Poor road surface on Wimlands Road - gravel and potholes

    Created by DaveE // 0 threads

    The road surface on Wimlands Road is quite dangerously poor. There is much gravel on the road, particularly in the centre, and there are numerous small potholes to dodge.

    This is leading to a risk of accidents involving cyclists and putting off inexperienced cyclists from cycling to work.

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  • Lack of safe room for cycles, terrible road surface

    Created by DavidTheScientist // 1 thread

    While some painted "cycle lane" does exist northbound, there is woefully little provision for cyclists considering the huge number that use this section of road each day, a large number of whom are those who work at the General Hospital and other nearby health centres. Southbound cyclists have no real provision of space at all, save a graduated stopline, where cars turning right often try to pass right-turning cycles on the inside. Dale road itself is extremely narrow by winchester road, with almost no pavement space for pedestrians.
    Cyclists heading northbound on Winchester road must beat traffic off the line at Dale road to get to the painted centre of Winchester road. North of the traffic light at The Range, the cycle lane is almost non-existent, placing cyclists between 2 lanes of heavy traffic, and cyclists have to stop and wait in this dangerous area in order to turn right onto Wilton road. Furthermore, the road surface, especially at this part of Winchester road, is currently deplorable.

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  • Narrow Approach To Clifton Suspension Bridge With Unsuitable Cycle Lane

    Created by Sam Saunders // 2 threads

    On the eastern approach to Clifton Suspension Bridge the narrow road curves past a pedestrian refuge next to a toilet block. The short cycle lane that had started as approximately 1.2 metres wide narrows to approximately 0.9 metres at the refuge. More than half of the cycle lane at that point is paved with uneven cobbles unsuitable for cycling, especially on a bend. The traffic lane (approx 3.2 metres) is too narrow for a car and a bicycle to pass together. The cycle lane, in effect, is encouraging inexperienced cyclists to adopt a vulnerable road position and to cycle on an unsuitable surface.

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