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  • Junction of A602 and A119: Planning Application PL\0851\17

    Created by JonC // 1 thread

    The proposals are to enlarge the existing A119/A602 roundabout, to incorporate two-lane entries on all four arms and to provide a segregated left-turn lane on the approach from the north. The circulatory carriageway is also widened to two lanes. The footway along the A119 will remain in place. The footpath from the roundabout towards Watton-at-Stone will be reinstated and extended as part of the works to create a new link. It will be extended approximately 250m along Ware Road to connect with the existing footway into Watton-at-Stone. An uncontrolled pedestrian crossing will be provided at the A119 traffic island.

    You can view the planning applications by visiting the Herts CC planning portal and searching using the reference number PL\0851\17 (for A119)

    The planning case officer is Sharon Threlfall. Comments can be sent to

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  • Francis Crick Avenue

    Created by Heather Coleman // 1 thread

    At yesterday's BUG-WAG meeting, it was clear that Addenbrooke's themselves have heard dissatisfaction about this area. I said I'd forward comments from members, of which I remember many, but in no detail at all, just a lot of comments. However, doing a search for "Francis" or "Crick" pulls up no results, so either any thread on this is so obscurely labelled I can't find it, or all the traffic I remember seeing is on the members' email list which I don't have archives for.

    I've been asked to send comments asap, as I get the feeling they want to lean on the developers to fix snags.

    Either, can someone point me to the correct Cyclescape thread, or, assuming that doesn't exist, can people, if they can remember what they said (or think every day), can they repost here. I will collate comments anonymously into a file and send to Katharine Smith. The new LMB already had comments about how you are supposed to actually get a bike to the cycle parking from the road as that didn't seem to have been thought of!

    I get the feeling this is needed fairly soon, hence the plea so early on a Saturday morning, so I can try to do a dossier tomorrow or Monday.

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  • Crossing roundabouts on A167

    Created by Matthew Phillips // 1 thread

    The route on the east side of the A167 past Crossgate Moor and Framwellgate Moor crosses a number of roundabouts. The cycle-path leads you across the roads very close to the roundabout, via the central refuge in the middle of the road. Some of these roads have two lane entry to the roundabout. Crossing both lanes at once is tricky as you have to have an eye on whether the traffic is about to move out onto the roundabout. If you have a longer vehicle, such as a bus, waiting, then the route to the refuge is blocked. There are no road markings to warn motorists that cyclists might be expected.

    The route is probably going to be improved as part of the Great North Cycleway. If these roundabouts are to be made safe enough for children to use, major alterations will be required. (The route goes past Durham Johnston School so should be available to children.) The route should cross further from the mouth of the roundabout, preferably on a different-coloured surface, maybe raised.

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