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  • Improvements to side roads on Kirkstall Road

    Created by M Stanley // 1 thread

    We understand that there are scheduled improvements to several of the side roads on kirkstall roads. See below.

    "The scheme is contained within the H&T Annual programme to be funded from the LTP.

    There are a number of design issues - which you’re aware of – but we anticipate ( although programme still to be confirmed) the scheme being on site late summer/ early autumn.

    The scheme concentrates on the junctions with the Haddons on the north side of Kirkstall Road"

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  • Priority to cyclists at car park exit

    Created by Matthew Phillips // 0 threads

    The exit from this retail park car park has two lanes. There are no road markings warning drivers to expect cyclists on the shared-use pavement which is part of NCN 14 & 70. This section of pavement was recently rebuilt. Why could we not have a raised table at the exit, giving priority to cyclists and pedestrians here? Why does the through-route for cyclists have to give way to the car park exit? While the shared use pavement is welcome, the lack of priority is what tends to lead to experienced cyclists taking to the road instead, as it can actually be safer as well as quicker. If cycling infrastructure is more dangerous or slower than the road alternative, it is not worth installing.

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  • Lower Mortlake Road side roads

    Created by Paul James // 0 threads

    All the sideroads between Richmond Circus and Manor Circus are a danger to cyclists on the cycleway.

    There is no warning to motorists that there will be crossing cyclists and the building angles make it hard to see if anything is coming.

    Turning traffic from the A316 can have an obscured view of the cycleway due to foliage.

    Decrease corner radii.
    Make road hump more pronounced.
    Make cycle surface colour continuous across roadway.
    Add markings across roadway.
    Add warning signage.
    Move give way lines back to before cycleway or add additional give way lines.

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