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  • Hazard near Cambridge North Station

    Created by Joseph Tucker // 1 thread

    A friend recently smashed her shoulder by cycling into the car trap which awaits anyone who misses the "Except guided buses" sign and then misses the "Car trap" sign, while heading from North Station towards Milton Rd.

    In the dark, this is actually an easy mistake for an inexperienced rider, since

    a) you believe that you're on a road when actually you're on a piece of Guided Busway

    b) these signs can appear to belong to the cycle path, where they are mounted.

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  • Empty signposts

    Created by MJR // 0 threads

    These sign posts have been put up long ago but there are no cycle route signs on them yet.

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  • No Entry at Clay Farm Centre

    Created by Eleanor Blair // 1 thread

    Bus gate at Clay Farm Centre is marked with a "no entry except buses" sign - this route it used by many bikes, and should probably be changed. I'd rather not go through no-entry signs, but I do at the moment as it's the only sensible route by bike from Trumpington Park Primary to Lime Avenue.

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  • Route via playing field and Aldermanhill Rd

    Created by Rhian // 1 thread

    Signpost a route as shown from Calside to Brooms Road. This is the quietest and least hilly route and coupled with the other suggestions would make a more pleasant route into town by bike.

    Remove the chicanes along the playing fields at the points shown so people using bikes, wheelchairs and pushchairs can use this path.

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  • Signpost routes to Maidenbower path from Calside 2

    Created by Rhian // 1 thread

    Another hidden away route for accessing the Maindenbower path from Calside. Signposting this would be a quick win. The path would also benefit form being widened to allow cyclists and pedestrians to pass comfortable. Widening the chicane  or replacing with a bollard at the top would enable people using bikes, wheelchairs or pushchairs to get through too.

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  • inaccurate "no through road" signs, missing "except cycles/pedestrians"

    Created by Heather Coleman // 1 thread

    I've noticed a few of these around Cambridge where there's a "no through road" sign but it's a through road for cyclists and pedestrians. As there's a post already, if the council had a ready-made stock of plates saying "except cycles", "except pedestrians", a single operative could affix the plate below the sign to made it correct. It is highly deceptive and not serving those using non-motorised transport if they go the long way round not realising they can get through a quicker route.

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  • New development Town Street Stanningley Leeds

    Created by David Dowden // 1 thread

    New Lidi retail development taking place next to cycle superhighway ,which will have improvements .

    At East side of development there is a footway connecting Grangefield road and Richardshaw road which is on Leeds cycle map as a cycle route. This is used as a quiet/quicker short cut from Pudsey saving using busy Richardshaw Lane.

    However there is no signage to use this route and also footpath /bridleway is in poor condition , rubbish , lighting issues , Could funding from this new development be used to improve this /cycleway/footpath.

    16/06865/COND | Consent, agreement or approval required by conditions 6, 14 and 33 of Planning Application 15/05095/FU | Former Belgrave Works Town Street Stanningley Pudsey LS28 6HB

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  • 'Except cyclists' Greenbrae Loaning suggestion

    Created by Rhian // 1 thread

    There is a short section of one way road at the end of Greenbrae Loaning. This road appears wide enough to accommodate a contraflow cycle lane which would make travelling across town by bike easier.

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  • Twickenham Embankment 2-way

    Created by Jon G // 1 thread

    The Embankment, Twickenham is a two-way street. Many driver sseem to think it is one-way Westbound. Even the Cyclescape map wrongly marks it as one-way! It needs signage clarifying it is two-way, to avoid motorists being obstructive or abusive to cyclists lawfully riding Eastward along it.

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  • Bell Lane 2-way

    Created by Jon G // 1 thread

    Bell Lane is two-way. Most drivers using it go Northward and many seem to think it is one-way that way. It needs signage clarifying it is two-way, to avoid motorists being obstructive or abusive to cyclists lawfully riding South along it.

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  • Cricket Ln 2-way

    Created by Jon G // 1 thread

    Cricket Lane is a dead end and therefore two-way. Since an exit from a car park was built leading into it, many drivers seem to think it is a one-way street from the car park. In fact it is used by cyclists going in both directions between High St and Bushy Park.
    It needs signs clarifying that it is two-way, as drivers are being obstructive or abusive to cyclists legitimately using it.

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  • Poor cycle signage through South Lowestoft housing area

    Created by Shaun McDonald // 1 thread

    The area bounded by Castleton Avenue, Bloodmoor Road, and Lowestoft Road is good for having lots of little footpath cut throughs however, there is no signage highlighting for example how to get to the nearest station or Lowestoft town centre. There is a local route 5 that runs through the area, however it's easy to loose track of it, and few of the signs have destinations to for example the nearest station, or Lowestoft Town Centre.

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  • Teddington Lock Bridge - End of Route ??

    Created by Paul L // 0 threads

    Richmond Council have installed a " End of Route" "Cyclists Dismount" sign

    This is highly misleading as NCR4 continues on the far side of the bridge.

    The London Cycle Design Standards have :

    A cycle route should never disappear abruptly

    ‘End’ signing and ‘Cyclists Dismount’ signs should not be used because they showthat consideration for cyclists has simply ended.

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  • St Andrew Square connection

    Created by Stephan Matthiesen // 0 threads

    It is really not clear how you get from the east end of George Street to York Place. The toucan leads you onto the pavement in the centre of St Andrews Square but then there is no sign or any hint how to get to NE corner of St Andrew Sq where the shared footpath starts again.

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  • Cycle improvements for Fisk's Lane and Whitton Lane

    Created by Shaun McDonald // 1 thread

    There are 3 main problems with this cycle route which would be easy to rectify:
    * This cycle track is only signed from the retail park side, with no signage from the residential end of this link.
    * The surface is pretty poor along here, especially if you have some shopping in panniers.
    * There is also a problem with a gate part of the way along, which could pose a problem for people with a trailer or cargo bikes.


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  • Incorrect signs, Mill Road, Cambridge

    Created by David Earl // 1 thread

    'Except cycles' plates missing on No Left/Right turn signs at Mackenzie Road and Stockwell Street, and shared-use signs missing on Perne Road between Natal Road and Brookfields

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  • Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2015

    Created by Hester Wells // 1 thread

    Consultation on road markings and traffic signs at

    There are a number of things which I believe affect cyclists, see
    This is really a national issue, but didn't want to spam all users.

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  • Waitrose: missed opportunities for cyclists

    Created by Fraser Stephens // 0 threads


    1) More clear directions from Waitrose to the cyclepaths.

    2) Many missed opportunities at Waitrose to encourage cycling:

    a) Cycle stands often blocked with trolleys and equipment from the "garden" section.
    b) No easy pedestrian/cycle access direct to Route 46 (west) when it would be easy to provide one.
    c) anti-trolley bumps on main road in do have a flat path for cyclists, but they are not exactly friendly. How about actually having a cycle lane in and around the site?

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