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  • Queen's Crescent Motor Traffic Free Environment Trial

    Created by George Coulouris // 1 thread

    The proposals will trial a motor traffic-free environment that reduces traffic volumes and speeds, supports the existing market and local businesses, and allows more space for social distancing, walking, and cycling. The proposals also include measures at the junction of Queen’s Crescent and Grafton Road to prevent rat running traffic from using Grafton Road and Vicar’s Road and create a safer and quieter environment for residents in that area.

    Camden have announced a consultation trial closures of Queen's Crescent (the market area) and Grafton Road. The resulting reduction in motor traffic will improve cycling conditions massively on Grafton Road in particular and in adjacent streets to a lesser extent. This, in conjunction with this scheme including the closure of Anglers Lane (decision to go ahead) should result in a sizeable LTN in all but name.

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  • Northway Square, Rickmansworth

    Created by Peter Loader // 1 thread

    Create an unsegregated cyclist/walker area in the paved area that was produced when the northern arm of Northway, Rickmansworth became traffic-free. Call it Northway Square. This would become the centre of Rickmansworth's cycling/walking network, with Bikeability level 2  routes leading:

    * To National Cycle Network Route 61 (The Colne Valley Trail at the Aquadrome), to Mill End, and to Maple Cross.

    * To Rickmansworth Station, to Chorleywood, and to The Cedars Estate,

    * To Croxley Green, via Three Rivers District Council's car park.

    Upgrade the existing public footpath to a bridleway so the route remains on the definitive map.

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  • Keighley, Mariners 'Walk'

    Created by Steve L // 0 threads

    This is a well established traffic-free path which avoids a busy section of South Street Keighley and some busy junctions. For cycling purposes,it simply needs a bit of resurfacing and, perhaps, some legal issues sorting out, to make it a perfectly usable cycle path. It is wide and there are no obvious conflict issues.

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  • Brunswick Street - proposal to ban motors and create park with cycling permeability

    Created by JonathanF // 0 threads

    The University of Manchester has unveiled plans to turn Brunswick Street into a park—to be named Brunswick Park... the road will be blocked off to traffic and it will be replaced with an area of green public realm.
    The park will sit in the heart of campus between the Simon and Williamson buildings. The area will be extensively landscaped and will feature pedestrian paths, cycle lanes, wildflower areas, trees, and benches.
    The entire street will be converted and plans show a large circular area in outside the Zochonis, Roscoe, and Simon buildings, which leads to the Oxford Road along a wide paved area.
    “Improved pathways” will be provided between Oxford Road and Upper Brook Street for pedestrians and cyclists.

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  • Extend Prom to Sea Lane

    Created by Fonant // 0 threads

    The current Promenade has "NO CYCLING" a few dozen yards before its western end, so cyclists have nowhere to go. The parallel road, especially Eirene Road, is dangerous and unpleasant for cycling, so many continue to ride along the footpath to Sea Lane.

    There is plenty of room to widen the path, using concrete on top of the stable shingle. The same method could be used as was used to the east of Worthing some years ago.

    This project has the full backing of local cyclists as their number-one priority in Worthing, and has local resident support too. It was included in WSCC's last LSTF bid document, which won them £2.36 million of funding from central government.

    Can we just build it, please?

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