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  • Trail Link needed

    Created by Steve Crapper // 1 thread

    An obvious link between the very well publicised and used Brierley trail and Skegby Trail is required in this plot of land to enable circular routes to be created

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  • Barton Ferry Cottages - right of way conflict

    Created by BrianInBeeston // 1 thread

    There have been tacks thrown on the path in this area which cause punctures. Residents have put up signs saying 'no cycling'. This is a defacto bridleway & has been used as such as long as anyone can remember. A local resident has made a witness statement to this effect which is being dealt with by Nottinghamshire County Council rights of way officers.

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  • Travis Perkins Development

    Created by // 3 threads

    Travis Perkins Development has major impact on Chisholm Trail.

    We have a letter from the developer outlining their position - let's see if I can attach this...

    There is a lengthy discussion of the Chisholm Trail, the gist of which is that they don't see why they should make any further accommodation for it when it is mainly Network Rail's land that is earmarked for the route. They dangle a small carrot in that they might release the corner piece of land to mitigate the pinch point you identified - but only if this application is given the go-ahead.

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