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  • Cycle Access to Train Platform

    Created by Bracken VanRyssen // 1 thread

    The only cycle access to the train platforms at Solihull station is an extremely small lift, otherwise your only option is carrying your bicycle up and down the stairs which can be quiet challenging. A simple solution would be a wheeling rail at the edge of the stairway to guide wheels down slowly. I see quite a few people with bicycles using the train and I myself do so on a weekly basis and two flights of stairs with a laden bicycle certainly make things tricky.

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  • Tandem carriage on Scotrail trains

    Created by SRD // 1 thread

    We have a tandem which fits in all the spaces on trains in Scotland (as far as I know), but we are prohibited from taking it on any except the East Coast line trains. I've been writing to various officials - elected and otherwise - and contributed to the recent review of the Scotrail franchise, but am not getting much joy. No one seems to think it is a big deal. But, for my family, with 2 kids aged 5 and 1, and no car, if we don't go by tandem and train, we can't go anywhere much. The tandem is not a luxury but a practical transport solution. Does anyone else want to join in and make this more than a one-woman issue?

    (another related issue: even once the kids can ride their own bikes, we won't be able to use trains much since most only allow 2 reservations).

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