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  • Link Staines Rd - Uxbrige Rd round golf course

    Created by Andrew Woodward // 2 threads

    There is currently a cycle track to the David Lloyd sports centre from the Staines Rd; which turns into a muddy track, blocked at the exit to Uxbridge Road by a difficult and narrow gate.
    Upgrading this short section of path with decent surfacing, streetlighting and removal of obstacles would provide a good link from the cycling facilities on the A316 and the Staines Road onto the schools in Hampton.

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  • cycle crossing unmarked

    Created by Paul L // 0 threads

    A crossing of sorts has been made from Burtons Rd across the busy Uxbridge Road to access Longford Close from where a bridge across the Longford River provides access to Hampton (schools).

    The tramline paving is in place to show shared use of the footway but no visual signing. (We have raised this with the council to no effect).

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