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  • Planning application: DC/18/3569/DRC Details of new crossing on Felixstowe Road

    Created by Shaun McDonald // 1 thread

    Details of the new Zebra crossing and signalised pedestrian crossing on Felixstowe Road and Anson Road. Details are provided as a detailed design package.

    Land Off Anson Road Martlesham Heath IP5 3RX

    East Suffolk

    Application reference : DC/18/3569/DRC

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  • Lydford Road / Chatsworth Road Proposed Zebra Cross

    Created by Sylvia Gauthereau // 1 thread

    Concerns have been raised by local residents and Councillors regarding difficulties pedestrians have when crossing Lydford Road at its junction with Chatsworth Road. These difficulties include pedestrians needing to wait a long time to find a sufficient gap in the traffic to cross Lydford Road especially during the morning and evening peak periods and vehicles not slowing down on the approach to the informal crossing points on the raised speed table.

    The aim of the proposed scheme is therefore to improve pedestrian crossing facilities by introducing a new zebra crossing on Lydford Road just north of its junction with Chatsworth Road. The new zebra crossing is on the desire line for pedestrians crossing at the junction and will provide safer walking links to local amenities in the Willesden Green area.

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  • Consultation on Wolves Lane Quieter Neighbourhood

    Created by Clare Rogers // 1 thread

    Enfield Council are consulting on this 'Quieter Neighbourhood', part of Enfield's Mini Holland, treatments for residential areas.

    Although the Wolves Lane area consisted of a much wider area during the original consultation / workshop stage, including the roads adjoining the A105, the focus is now on Tile Kiln Lane and Chequers Way only. A school street is proposed for Oakthorpe School on Tile Kiln Lane with traffic banned at school run hours, and a zebra crossing for Chequers Way north of the current informal crossing at the roundabout with Tottenhall Road.

    See the discussion thread for our thoughts as Enfield Cycling Campaign / Better Streets for Enfield.

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  • 'School street' consultation for Tile Kiln Lane N13

    Created by Clare Rogers // 0 threads

    Enfield council are consulting on this proposal to ban traffic at school run hours on Tile Kiln Lane to benefit those attending Oakthorpe primary school. A zebra crossing on Chequers Way is also proposed.

    As campaigners we are delighted that one of our Better Streets for Enfield 'asks' has been heard. There was a petition by a parent at this school some months ago asking for safer crossings so that has clearly been taken into account.

    We would like to hear from people who know the area well.

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