One-Way Road Blocking Cycle Route

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Added by Dawes Jaguar

The tunnel under the railway is narrow, and the road is one-way for all traffic. This means that cyclists using NCN5 cannot get to Bunbury Road (and Bournville Estate) here without dismounting for a considerable distance. Two years ago BCC proposed that cyclists heading towards Bunbury Road (via the short section of cycle path that leads from Bunbury Gardens) hop on to the pavement, but the pavement is very narrow and will be blocked by a single pedestrian. The simple solution is to close the road to the few motorists that use it, and make it two-way for bikes and pedestrians. That's what the Dutch would do, because it encourages people to use a bike for short journeys rather than a car. However, BCC is once again in a state of paralysis and have done neither.


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