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  • Cosham High Street Contra Flow

    Ian S // 1 thread

    Persistent issue of drivers unaware of cycle contra flow in this section of high street. Better marking and clearer signage required.

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  • Boston Road Protected Cycleway

    Created by Space Pootler // 1 thread

    With Hounslow having voted to build the Boston Manor Road section linking Boston Manor station with the Great West Road, Ealing Cycling Campaign are asking Ealing Council to continue the protection North of the borough boundary.

    Early talks with Ealing Borough Council suggest that a crossing will need to be made outside the station to account for a change from a single bidirectional track on the west side of the road to one-way tracks on either side.

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  • Improving Green Dragon Bridge to Riverside

    Created by Chris Howell // 1 thread

    The stretch of NCN51 along Stourbridge Common between the Green Dragon Bridge and Riverside is hopelessly inadequate for the high volume of traffic, too narrow, surfacing badly breaking up with a number of hazards - rowing coaches, cows, joggers with headphones etc.

    Would anyone else support campaigning for a new two way cycle path through that stretch of Stourbridge common to the south of the existing path (through the middle of that bit of common) from the Green Dragon Bridge to an improved access at Riverside, and leave the path by the river to its myriad of other users? Its only going to get busier when the new station opens...

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  • One-Way Road Blocking Cycle Route

    Created by Dawes Jaguar // 2 threads

    The tunnel under the railway is narrow, and the road is one-way for all traffic. This means that cyclists using NCN5 cannot get to Bunbury Road (and Bournville Estate) here without dismounting for a considerable distance. Two years ago BCC proposed that cyclists heading towards Bunbury Road (via the short section of cycle path that leads from Bunbury Gardens) hop on to the pavement, but the pavement is very narrow and will be blocked by a single pedestrian. The simple solution is to close the road to the few motorists that use it, and make it two-way for bikes and pedestrians. That's what the Dutch would do, because it encourages people to use a bike for short journeys rather than a car. However, BCC is once again in a state of paralysis and have done neither.

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  • Hawley Crescent vs Hawley Road

    Created by Jean Dollimore // 1 thread

    This issue is about our priorities for two way cycling in a pair of one way streets, the first north and the second south of the canal at Camden Lock:

    - Hawley Road runs one way eastbound between Chalk farm Road and Kentish Town road.

    - Hawley Crescent runs one way westbound from Kentish Town Road to Camden High Street

    Both of these roads are on our list of permeability issues but we are being asked to say which we would like to see tackled first.

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  • Royal College Street

    Created by Ben Edmonds // 1 thread

    Redesign of street to include two-way for cyclists, one-way for motorists, light segregation and bus stop islands.

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  • Bear Lane, Southwark could be two-way for cyclists

    Created by Simon Hewison // 0 threads

    I regularly see cyclists heading northbound from Dolben Street up Bear Lane, which is a one-way street. Once the construction work is complete in the area, it might be feasible to allow a cycle contraflow here, since it's clearly a line of desire.

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  • Two-way cycling in Romsey

    Created by Simon Nuttall // 1 thread

    Converting one-way streets to two-way cycling has long been a Cambridge Cycling Campaign priority.

    Progress has been made, with Hope Street being made into a two-way street with a no motor vehicles exemption at one end.

    Now that Except Cycles signs under No Entry signs are permitted there is scope for extending this to Romsey Streets.

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