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  • Consultation on Goldhurst Terrace Pedestrian Crossing Improvements

    Created by Jean Dollimore // 1 thread

    This consultation refers to the double junction of Goldhurst Terrace with Greencroft Gardens and Broadhurst Gardens.

    This complex junction is composed of a collection of one-way motor traffic runs:

    - westbound traffic runs from Finchley Road along Goldhurst Terrace

    - some of which then turns right onto Broadhurst Gardens.

    - the remainder continues in a SSW direction on Goldhurst Terrace towards South Hampstead

    - Greencroft Gardens has one-way NE bound motor traffic up to the junction with Broadhurst Gardens.

    and contraflow cycling accessed via the (lower) junction of Goldhurst Terrace.

    The proposals are

    - to introduce raised tables at four informal pedestrian crossings

    - to widen footway at three of the crossings

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  • Consultation on Princeton Street Traffic Improvements

    Created by Jean Dollimore // 1 thread

    Princeton Street runs between Bedford Row and Red Lion Square. It crosses over Red Lion Street which is on the useful north-south cycle route from Kings Cross down to Holborn.

    Princeton Street is one-way westbound for motor traffic between Red Lion Street and Red Lion Square. Cyclists are already allowed to cycle in both directions, entering Princeton Street from Red Lion Square via a ‘plug’ (a short section of cycle track) separated by an island so as to bypass the No Entry sign.

    This proposal is to close to motor vehicles a short section of Princeton Street on approach to its junction with Red Lion Square.

    This will be achieved by means of three bollards at the junction of Red Lion Square

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  • Walthamstow Town Centre. Hoe Street

    Created by Simon Still // 2 threads

    "We’re working in partnership with Transport for London (TfL) to deliver a range of improvements to make the Hoe Street and Selborne Road junction a more attractive, safer and better transport interchange for all.

    "We've been working closely with TfL and Network Rail to install a new traffic bridge to replace the existing Victorian-era structure. The first stage of the bridge installation is now complete. This means that costly future maintenance work that would require total closure of the gyratory area, from the Selborne Road and Hoe Street junction to First Avenue, has been avoided. The Network Rail (former road bridge) is being converted into a public space.

    We're now asking local residents, businesses and road users to help us decide on the final look and feel of the public areas the project will create.

    The town centre transport improvements will improve journey times and overall reliability, increase access for pedestrians and cyclists, and create public green spaces to boost air quality.

    "The illustration below shows how the improvements could look:

    Hoe Street railway bridge: create a new public space with high quality surface finishes, seating, space for market stalls and kiosks, trees and planting.
    Hoe Street junction with Station Approach junction: new trees and plants in level and raised beds
    Hoe Street junction with First Avenue: enhanced public green space with new trees, seating and cycle parking.
    Hoe Street junction with St Mary Road: new accessible green space adjacent to an upgraded walking and cycling track towards Walthamstow Village.
    Plant new trees and a variety of plants to complement the existing species in the area, and improve air quality"

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  • Consultation on Cambridge Air Quality Action Plan

    Created by Anna Williams – Head of Campaigns & Engagement // 1 thread

    Air quality in central Cambridge is not as good as it should be. The city is not compliant with EU limit values or UK national air quality objectives for nitrogen dioxide in the city centre and on busy roads – although it is improving slowly. The City Council's Air Quality Action Plan was approved unanimously at Environment Scrutiny Committee on March 13 and they are now opening it out to consultation (21 June - 18 September 2018).

    Many of the proposed actions are of interest to Camcycle, but in particular:

    • Reducing Heavy Goods Vehicles emissions in the city centre by promoting ‘greener’ methods for making deliveries of goods, such as by cycle or electric vehicles

    • Using planning policies to ensure new communities are designed to make it easy for people to use sustainable modes of transport

    • Improving public health by providing information about the health impacts of air quality and encouraging everyone to have a more active lifestyle, including walking and cycling

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  • Bow (Harley Grove / Central Foundation Girls' School area) traffic calming

    Created by Alex Jenkins // 1 thread

    Proposed new one-way streets, banned turns, and kerb build-outs in the vicinity of Central Foundation Girls' School in Bow (the measures affect Coborn Street, Harley Grove, Alfred Street and Benworth Street).

    Consultation page is here:

    PDF plan of the proposals is here:

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  • High Street, Barnet Pedestrian Improvements - Statutory Consultation

    Created by JonC // 2 threads

    The revised scheme (largely funded by TfL) incorporates the following measures:

    - Removing much of the parking along the western side of the High street, and widening the pedestrian footway to provide a safer and more enjoyable shopping experience.
    - Upgrade of existing pedestrian crossings, with the added advantage of a shorter crossing width. This should reduce queueing times at the crossing.
    - Proposed new ‘at any time’ waiting restrictions on the High Street, as indicated on the attached plan.
    - Proposed new loading restrictions on the High Street and at the junctions of High Street with Union Street and Salisbury Road.
    - Introduction of trees, where physically possible, to both improve the look of the area and have a beneficial effect on the air quality.
    - Introduction of cycle stands to promote sustainable transport and provide secure cycling parking.
    - New benches are proposed to encourage people to stop in the area and enjoy the ambience of the rejuvenated High Street. New bins are also proposed to promote a litter-free High Street.

    If you would like to view a plan for further details then please attend one of our unmanned drop in sections at Chipping Barnet Library, the plans will be on show in the entrance hall for all to view.

    If you wish to make any comments or objections regarding the proposals please send them in writing quoting reference number BC/000888-01 by 21st June 2018, by:

    Telephoning: 020 8359 3555

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  • Yeats Close, Brent

    Created by Simon Munk // 1 thread

    The council has received a number of complaints from the local community with concerns regarding road safety and obstructive parking on Yeats Close. The council is therefore proposing to provide inset parking and introduce a local road safety scheme in Yeats Close, NW10. The proposed road safety scheme will help reduce vehicle speed, better manage the parking situation and enhance road safety for all road users.

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  • Bellevue Road consultation, Nightingale

    Created by jon_events // 1 thread

    In September 2017 Wandsworth Council carried out a community engagement exercise requesting feeback on proposed streetscape improvements on Bellevue Road between its junctions with Trinity Road and St James’s Drive.

    All elements of the proposals received a positive response (the results can be found attached at the bottom of the page) and we aim to implement the scheme later this year taking into account any comments as part of this formal consultation.

    The scheme includes:

    Resurfacing of the footway with York stone
    Resurfacing shop forecourts, subject to owner agreement
    Replace missing street trees and prevent future pavement damage by tree roots using root directors
    Introducing blended crossing/ Copenhagen entry treatments on Wiseton Road/ Althorp Road at their junction with Bellevue Road
    Install new cycle stands
    Renew security anchors in the motorcycle parking bay
    Refurbish and upgrade the lighting columns with embellishments and repainting
    Remove or relocate obstructive street furniture

    We have listened to all the feedback received from the initial consultation and we have revised the proposal where necessary.

    The proposed entry treatments provide an informal crossing point for pedestrians by raising the carriageway level, making access easier for those with prams or in wheelchairs.

    The change in carriageway material and the raised table aim to reduce vehicle speeds, reduce vehicle dominance and increase driver awareness of the presence of pedestrians. Following feedback, the proposals include a larger entry treatment and advisory signage to ensure that drivers are aware of the new feature.

    More attractive cycle racks have been selected in liaison with your local ward
    councillors following your feedback.

    In addition to the improved appearance of lighting columns, which will be refurbished with embellishments and painting, the luminaires will be upgraded to LED as part of the borough wide relighting programme.

    The proposed measures will enhance the environment for all road users and improve pedestrian safety and accessibility.

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  • Bedford Hill, Balham (pre-consultation public engagement)

    Created by jon_events // 1 thread

    Bedford Hill between Balham Station Road and Balham High Road is to be improved, and local people are being asked for their views.

    Money is available through the Wandsworth Local Fund - a charge paid by developers to fund improvements to the local area.

    The council's drawn up preliminary ideas and wants to know what residents think of them. We will use your feedback to develop detailed designs prior to a formal consultation.

    Comments received from local businesses, residents and ward councillors previously suggest that key areas for improvement are the condition and appearance of the footway, having less street furniture, or putting it in a better place, increased cycle parking and making the road an attractive place offering a variety of high quality goods and services to residents and visitors.

    Bedford Hill from Balham High Road to the junction with Balham Station Road would be improved with new footways in high quality materials. Granite paving could be installed similar to that in Hildreth Street.

    'Entry treatments' - which raise the start of the road up to the same level as the footway, would help reduce the dominance of cars and will make it easier for wheelchair users and people pushing prams. See Figure 3 (Blended crossing). Decluttering will remove any unnecessary signage and street furniture to improve the appearance of the area and to maximise space on the footway.

    Depending on the location of underground utilities, it may be possible to introduce sustainable drainage and more street trees. Sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) minimise surface water run-off and include street trees and plants, increased biodiversity and adaptation to climate change.

    There is the opportunity to resurface the road in a different colour through using a subtle coloured aggregate within the asphalt or an overlaid surface treatment, see figure 1. Removing the centre line also encourages drivers to be more considerate, less aggressive and drive at lower speeds.

    Earlier this year a boroughwide 20mph speed limit was implemented on residential roads (excluding all A and B roads). A review of traffic speeds, volumes and accidents will be carried out in late 2018 and subject to this review it may be possible to implement a 20mph speed limit on this section of Bedford Hill (B242) if there is local support.

    The council is also exploring the possibility of including a pedestrian crossing outside The Bedford public house at the junction of Bedford Hill/Balham Station Road and Fernlea Road. We are currently working closely with Transport for London to investigate the feasibility of the crossing. If it is possible and there is local support, we hope to include it as part of the Bedford Hill scheme.

    It is important for the council to know the views of local residents and businesses before going ahead with any of these proposals.

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  • 60-70 St Mary Axe

    Created by Simon Munk // 1 thread

    City of London Corporation says:
    The site bounded by Bevis Marks, Goring Street, Houndsditch and St. Mary Axe is being redeveloped as a new office building known as 60-70 St. Mary Axe and nicknamed ‘The Can of Ham’. The new development has provided the city Corporation with the opportunity to review the use of that section of St. Mary Axe and in particular its use by pedestrians.
    The Citywide Pedestrian Model has indicated that this section of St. Mary Axe will become a major pedestrian desire line linking the Eastern City Cluster with the new Crossrail (Elizabeth line) station at Liverpool Street and that pedestrian numbers at peak times will double by 2026. In view of this, the City Corporation is proposing to close the street to motor vehicles to create a pedestrian and cycle route. Closing St. Mary Axe requires the payment parking place to be relocated to Cutler Street. As Cutler Street is one-way with contra-flow cycling, the new parking will consist of two parking places with two parking bays in each to allow a passing place halfway down the street.
    Currently, St. Mary Axe provides a diversion route for bus services when required and in order to maintain a diversion route, Goring Street will be used as the alternative. This requires the one-way traffic restriction to be reversed and the disabled persons parking places relocated to Houndsditch. To ensure that buses can exit the street, a length of ‘at any time’ loading restrictions will be introduced in Bevis Marks opposite Goring Street. To allow buses to make the turn into Goring Street, the parking bays on the opposite side in Houndsditch will be relocated to the south-west side. Double yellow line ‘at any time’ waiting restrictions will be introduced at both ends of Goring Street.
    Goring Street has an entry table at its junction with Bevis Marks but with the traffic flow being reversed, a new entry table is being proposed at the junction with Houndsditch. The existing entry table will be retained as it provides a step free route for pedestrians along Bevis Marks.
    The pedestrian crossing in Bevis Marks near the junction with St. Mary Axe is being moved north-westward to be closer to the pedestrian desire line and widened to allow for an increase in pedestrian numbers. The pedestrian crossing at the other end of St. Mary Axe in Houndsditch will have the ‘no stopping’ zig-zag markings amended to facilitate relocating the remaining parking place from the north-east side to the south-west side so that all parking in Houndsditch is on the same side of the street.

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  • DEFRA consultation - ends May 8th

    Created by TJ // 1 thread

    Is the Cycling Campaign writing a response to the DEFRA consultation on how to reform the CAP post-Brexit ? Does anyone know if other (national) cycling groups have responded ?

    I was thinking that the public good of opening up private farm tracks would be beneficial to commuter and leisure cyclists. For instance I'm sure there's a farm near Grantchester which allows cyclists through, but you need special permission (live in a specific village ?). There must be other examples, where opening up to all cyclists would help commuters from villages.

    The documentation is here:

    online consultation form here:

    It is long winded form, but you can skip pages which you have no interest or knowledge of. However, this is the question which may be of most interest to us:

    1. How can we improve the delivery of the current Countryside Stewardship scheme and increase uptake by farmers and land managers to help achieve valuable environmental outcomes?

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  • Changes to A107 Clapton Common Road Safety Improvements

    Created by Simon Munk // 1 thread

    Part of the Wetlands 2 Wetlands route.

    TfL says:
    We are proposing improvements to the pedestrian and cycling facilities with A107 Clapton Common junctions with Craven Walk and Portland Avenue.

    A107 Clapton Common
    We would like to improve the way cyclists and pedestrians cross. We are proposing to relocate the pedestrian crossing south of Portland Avenue and install a new parallel pedestrian and cycle crossing at the junction Clapton Common junctions with Craven Walk and Portland Avenue. This new crossing for pedestrians and cyclists would make crossing easier for all users.

    Craven Walk would become one-way only (northbound) between the A107 Clapton Common Road and Belz Terrace, except for cycles.

    We also propose to remove a section of the bus lane at bus stop (CU) south of Portland Avenue on the A107 and convert this into a wider pedestrian footway to create better visibility.

    Improved Vehicular Access

    We propose to improve vehicular access on Castlewood Road, Ravensdale Road and Lingwood Road. To achieve this we would need to remove a small section of parking on either side of the carriageway. We would implement single yellow line parking restrictions, to create better visibility and accommodate turning movements.

    We also propose to implement the parking restriction times from 8.30am to 6.30pm Monday to Saturday.

    Traffic impacts

    We predict no significant impact on general traffic times.

    Cars previously turning out of Craven Walk onto A107 Clapton Common may have a slightly longer journey, although by no more than a few minutes. Bus journeys would not be impacted.

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  • DfT Consultation - Reporting road accidents to the police

    Created by Matthew // 1 thread

    At the moment if you need to report a road traffic accident you must do so in person at a police station or to a police constable.

    This proposals in this consultation would allow police forces to offer drivers the option of submitting accident reports by other methods.

    The proposals would require changes to Section 170 of the Road Traffic Act 1988.
    This consultation closes at 11:45pm on 24 April 2018

    1 Section 170 of the Road Traffic Act 1988 (“the Act”) requires drivers involved in
    certain traffic accidents which occur on the road or other public place to report the
    accident in person at a police station, or to a constable.
    2 Reporting accidents in person puts burdens on drivers, businesses and police forces.
    Therefore the Government proposes to amend the Act to allow police forces to offer
    drivers the option of submitting accident reports by other methods.
    3 We expect that, as a result of this change, police forces will offer drivers the option of
    reporting accidents online or by telephone. This will make it simpler, quicker and
    cheaper for drivers to fulfil their statutory obligation to report the accident, and for the
    police to record the accident details.

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  • Kentish Town Planning Framework Consultation

    Created by John Chamberlain // 1 thread

    Camden have started consultation on a planning framework for Kentish Town, with specific focus on the Regis Road and Murphy's sites. We'll need to respond, though a cynical view might be that it is a waste of time, given that a similar exercise for the Morrison's site in Chalk Farm had no perceptible effect on the final grant of planning permission. There is a very short consultation period.

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  • St. Thomas Street, London Bridge reopening one-way access only

    Created by Simon Munk // 1 thread

    TfL says:

    What we plan to do
    Since the street was closed there has been more emphasis on the environment and reducing pollution, creating healthier places. So we are proposing to reopen the street one-way – westbound – for access only. Access only includes private vehicles, deliveries to the premises along the street, taxis picking-up and dropping-off at The Shard (note that the station taxi drop-off and pick-up is on London Bridge St by the News building) and residents. This will keep traffic to a minimum and make the place better for people walking and people cycling.

    For people walking
    Relocate the crossing and create a coloured, raised imprint area of road surface between Weston Street and The Shard indicating to drivers and people cycling that people walking are likely to be crossing making it easier and safer for people approaching the relocated crossing
    Introduce a 10mph speed limit. By making the street 10mph we will make it safer for people walking and people cycling and improve the local environment as traffic slows, reducing noise and air pollution

    For people cycling
    Cycling would be permitted along the full length of the street with the direction of traffic

    For people using buses or coaches
    The one way nature of the street allows for the reintroducton of coaches and buses, without congestion

    For people using taxis
    • We will provide for taxis to pick-up and drop-off visitors to The Shard

    The main changes people will notice apart from the reopening and resurfacing by Network Rail will be new signs (No motor vehicles except for access) and lines marked on the street (indicating taxi ranks etc). We are keeping the works to a minimum as plans develop to meet the local aspirations for the street which will avoid any disruptive and unnecessary works.

    As a result of these proposals general traffic will no longer be able to drive onto St Thomas St eastbound from Borough High Street. Since the closure this has mainly been taxis, private hire and deliveries but there is often congestion and risks from turning vehicles. By making it one-way we can remove the delays and hold-ups caused by turning vehicles, the extra pollution they cause, and reduce the risk of vehicles colliding with people walking and cycling.

    Private vehicles, taxis, private hire, delivery and servicing vehicles, people cycling and disabled blue badge holders will be able to access St Thomas St westbound from its junction with Crucifix Lane and Bermondsey St. to access The Shard and other businesses along St Thomas St.

    Our plans form part of the Mayor of London’s plan for Healthy Streets - a long-term vision to encourage more people to walk, cycle and use public transport by making London’s streets healthier, safer and more welcoming. By providing more high quality spaces we can encourage more people to use these healthy and sustainable forms of transport, whilst keeping other traffic moving. These improvements will contribute to Healthy Streets by:

    Encouraging more people to walk and, with the next phase that this is facilitating, to cycle
    Improving the public realm and contributing to the wider regeneration of the area
    We will monitor the impacts of the one-way access-only arrangements and will continue to work with Southwark Council and the local community to meet the aspirations for St. Thomas St.

    We will aim to complete the new traffic management scheme by May 2018.

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  • Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy (CWIS) safety review

    Created by Matthew // 1 thread


    ``Invites those with an interest in improving safety of cyclists and pedestrians to provide evidence, drawing on experience from the UK or other countries, that can be used to shape future policy decisions.


    Active travel, making journeys by physically active means such as cycling and walking, has huge potential benefits both for individuals and for our wider society. The Government’s Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy, published in April 2017, set out our aim to make cycling and walking the natural choices for shorter journeys or as part of a longer journey.

    We have made good progress to date; Government spending on cycling trebled between 2010 and 2017, and on average people are cycling further than they did ten years ago. In some cities, notably London, there has been a sharp increase in the level of cycling. But there is much more to do, and our ambition in this review goes further still: to make cycling the natural mode of transport even for a 12 year old.

    Since the cycle safety review was announced, the Department has worked closely with cycling, walking and wider road safety organisations to identify the main issues that should be tackled as a priority to improve safety between cyclists and other road users. During that process of engagement, it became clear how many actual and potential policy areas were relevant to cyclists and pedestrians alike.

    Given our strong commitment to cycling and walking, we have therefore decided to use this review to consider safety measures that will bring cycling and walking closer together as part of our overall ambition to increase active travel.

    Cycling, like walking, needs to be universally seen as easy, fun and safe. Safety, and the perception of safety, are vital if we are to create a rapid increase in the use of active travel.

    The truth is that cycling is generally very safe, and serious accidents are rare. But we need to make it safer still, for all road users, so that it becomes a default mode of transport, whatever one’s age or background. But safety does not simply include road safety - it also includes physical health and well-being, in a clean and green environment. The evidence is clear: cycling and walking have the capacity to transform the health and well-being, not only of people who walk and cycle themselves, but of everyone in society.

    We now have a great opportunity: to recast local and national approaches to active travel, and create a new world of genuinely multimodal transport. But to do this we need your help, ideas and evidence. This consultation document summarises some of the key evidence for change, and then highlights key areas in which we are seeking your views.

    We are looking for great ideas, for evidence of what works, for examples of good practice from other countries, for innovative technologies, for imaginative solutions, and for idealism tempered with a sense of the practical. Over to you!


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  • Proposals for the Creation of a Major Road Network (London)

    Created by Simon Munk // 1 thread

    From the DfT:
    As part of the Transport Investment Strategy, the government committed to creating a Major Road Network (MRN).

    This consultation asks for views on:
    how to define the MRN
    the role that local, regional and national bodies will play in the MRN investment programme
    which schemes will be eligible for MRN funding

    A new MRN would help deliver the following objectives:
    reduce congestion
    support economic growth and rebalancing
    support housing delivery
    support all road users
    support the Strategic Road Network

    The creation of an MRN will allow for dedicated funding from the National Roads Fund to be used to improve this middle tier of our busiest and most economically important local authority ‘A’ roads.

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  • Kensal Corridor Improvements

    Created by Simon Munk // 1 thread

    Brent council says:
    With funding provided by Transport for London (TfL), we have prepared proposals to improve bus accessibility and movement along the Kensal Corridor, comprising Chamberlayne Road (from Clifford Gardens to Buller Road), Kilburn Lane (from the Buller Road to the Harrow Road junction) and Station Terrace. Concerns about the number of buses and their impacts on the corridor have been raised by local people over recent years. We are seeking your comments on the proposals.

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  • Cheshire Street area improvements

    Created by Alex Jenkins // 1 thread

    The consultation page states "A review of the Cheshire Street North 20mph zone has been undertaken and a number of improvements have been suggested making the roads safer and encouraging more walking and cycling in the area. The proposals include new cycle facilities, a one-way system on Wood Close, road closures and new crossings, as well as planting new trees in the area."
    Link here:

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  • Farringdon area - proposed walking and cycling improvements

    Created by Jean Dollimore // 1 thread

    Camden is consulting on proposals aimed at improving conditions for walking and cycling in the Farringdon area. They say these are part of a larger vision for the area which is a strip between Gray’s Inn Road and Farringon/Kings Cross Road; bounded on the south side by Holborn and on the north side by Swinton Street.

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  • Dulwich Wood Park Speed Reduction

    Created by Gipsy Hill // 1 thread

    Rushed consultion to on A2199 (SRN) Dulwich Wood Park serving two bus routes and LCN23 (connects with Quietway 7).

    Main Issue: the Dual Carriage is not being removed. The downhill "Speed reduction" measure is to reduce downhill part of the Dual Carriage to 3.2m working for a long section. Cyclists are expected to take the primary position on this steep downhill (10% hill at top) mixed with heavy traffic, and somehow slow all traffic behind them to then navigate the ~120 degree left turn into Farquhar Road. The road has severe AM peak time traffic. Cyclists are expected to weave around traffic in this long 3.2m downhill section.

    Consultation is sham and is considered unfair . The feedback form does not allow uses to clearly "support" or "object" to all, or each of the planned interventions. So is more like a statuary consultation than a fair assessment of options.

    There is major resurfacing due in a few months at his location, and the changes and detailed designs are being rushed to meet this deadline.

    Please list your concerns below

    Consultation Hub:

    A (Proposed raised zebra) - crossing Raising the existing crossing near St Margaret Clitherow Church and converting this to a zebra crossing.

    B (Existing island to be widened) - Widening the existing crossing point between Wickes Oake and Lymer Ave

    C (Provide 2.0m stepped) cycle track) - Segregating the existing cycle lane on the northern side of the junction with Farquhar Road, narrow the road and provide additional cycle lanes on the southern side.

    D (Existing island to be reconstructed to accommodate 3.2m lane width) - Raising an existing crossing point and removing one existing crossing point, between Farquhar Road and Wickes Oake.
    D (Proposed raised junction treatment) - Raising the junction at junction with Farquhar Road.
    D (Proposed raised table) - Providing a raised table near the junction with Baird

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  • Ilford Garden junction

    Created by Simon Munk // 1 thread

    Redbridge council says:

    The Ilford Garden Junction is located at the junction of the A118 Romford Road and the A406 North Circular Road, adjacent to the River Roding, on the boundary between the boroughs of Newham and Redbridge.
    The location of the junction is a cavernous and much unloved area with poor air quality which acts as a physical and perceptual barrier to those wishing to walk, cycle and drive between key destinations and across the borough boundary.
    The London Boroughs of Redbridge and Newham have been awarded funding from the Mayor’s Air Quality Fund. We are proposing to use this money to make a number of changes to the junction to improve the experience of those who are walking or cycling through the junction. We would like to hear your views and suggestions for our proposals at the Ilford Garden Junction.

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