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  • Proposed extra pedestrian and cycle access points to Cambridge Business Park.

    Created by Richard Taylor // 1 thread

    Proposal for three new pedestrian and cycle access points to Cambridge Business Park. The proposals are being made in light of the plans for an new station nearby.

    Representations from companies with premises on the business park - Redgate and Autonomy - have expressed concerns about security and the potential for people to try and park on the business park and then get on a train.

    The proposals are for the new accesses to be gated to restrict general public access.

    The proposals include a connection to the potential cycleway along the line of the disused railway.

    Cambridge Business Park Cowley Road Cambridge Cambridgeshire CB4 0WZ

    Application reference: 15/0919/FUL

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  • Crab & Winkle Way surface deteriotating

    Created by Gregory Williams // 1 thread

    The surface of the Crab & Winkle Way following the old railway alignment between the two tarmac sections is getting very bad. The exposed sub base is making the surface potentially unsafe and quite unconfortable to use. The comfort aspect will be detracting from encouraging further people to choose to cycle commute via this route.

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  • Connect Lidl car park to housing

    Created by Stephan Matthiesen // 1 thread

    There should be a walking/cycling connection between Lidl and the housing behind it (Craigmillar Castle Avenue area).

    People living there are forced a long detour down to Niddrie Mains Rd then up to Lidl again. This encourages car use and discourages walking.

    Niddrie Mains Rd is terrible for cycling so this connection would also benefit people cycling from Greendykes or Inch (through the park).

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  • River path cycle/pedestrian conflict

    Created by Shaun McDonald // 1 thread

    Comment from October 2014 Cycle Ipswich meeting:

    "Want separate cycle and pedestrian lanes all the way along the river path."

    Currently the river path is a useful off road link, however it's far too narrow for both pedestrians and cyclists.

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  • Blackwater Valley Path closed to cyclists at Hollybush

    Created by Charlie Halliday // 1 thread

    Notices have recently been put up by the Blackwater Valley Countryside Partnership on the section of the Blackwater Valley Path which passes through Hollybush Lakes near North Camp station.
    Although there is a legal agreement to use this stretch as a footpath, there has never been one to permit cycling there and the owner is quite within his rights.
    This is not a historic route, there is no sign of it on my 1956 OS map.
    The Blackwater Valley Countryside Partnership is trying to resolve this but the cycling route may have to be diverted.

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  • State of Waterbeach-Lode link

    Created by Colin Bell // 1 thread

    Has there been any improvement in the "new" NCN 11 route from Waterbeach to Lode since last summer? Last time I went that way I had to wheel the bike across fields and carry it over two or three stiles.

    Any information, including a forecast date when a proper route is likely to be built, welcome. Thanks.

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  • Queensway footpath - sharing use

    Created by Adam Edwards // 1 thread

    Map shows the route which Hertfordshire are upgrading as part of the Hatfield to Rail Station link footpath works. The plan is just for enhanced lighting, when what really should be done is to make this shared use.

    Cyclists would then use the exisiting route from the station up French Horn Lane, push accross the Puffin crossing (or cycle on road), use the stub road to the phone exchange and then go shared us to the Toucan crossing to the Market Place. That is the start of the on and off road cycle route to the University and De Havilland Village, the Alban Way and beyond.

    Without this link cyclists have to use Queensway and turn at the large fast two lanes wide roundabout at the junction with Wellfield Road. This is a major deterrnet to use.

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  • Bad path surface in Cut Throat Alley, Ham

    Created by Kate // 1 thread

    This alley connects Ham Street with The Ham Avenues and is an excellent way to avoid the fast traffic in Sandy Lane. It is a cut through which is particularly useful as a safe car-free route for parents and kids on foot and bikes to get to the German School and the Russell School.

    It is also creates a link to help people avoid a stretch of the busy Petersham Road, as it connects with Riverside Drive and on to Kingston.

    It is a dirt track which becomes dangerously and unappealingly muddy for autumn/ winter/ spring. I know some people choose to drive to school rather than attempt this route with children (and buggies).

    If changing the surface is not an option due to drainage then this path should be included in the council's leaf clearing schedule so that the mud does not have the opportunity to develop each autumn. I have tried advising the council to clear the mud - no reponse as yet. Two years ago the Council put down stones on the worst affected part but that created a skidding hazard.

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