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  • Multiple potholes descending Hills Rd rail bridge

    Created by David Green // 1 thread

    The cycle lane on the Northside of the Hills Rd rail bridge has many potholes where the red tarmac surface is missing. This is extremely hazardous for cyclists to avoid whilst descending with car lanes on either side. You could easily fall off into the path of motor traffic. 

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  • Fishergate pot holes

    Kate Ravilious // 1 thread

    Terrible pot holes close to the kerb. Very dangerous for cyclists, particularly on this narrow and busy stretch of road.

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  • Central 6 bridge - needs resurfacing

    Created by Chris Lowe // 1 thread

    The surface of this path is awful. It is very pot-holed, and it creates issues for cycles and pushchairs. And for people with visual impairments, it creates hazards as well.

    It also needs the white lines changing/removing to avoid further serious injury - Someone has told me that they saw someone slip on the line and break their hip. The white lines are raised and have been repainted - they are slippy for cycle wheels. There is also concern that the white lines would be slippy for pedestrians when wet.

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  • Clayponds Avenue Surface

    Created by Space Pootler // 1 thread

    Clayponds Avenue is a crucial cycling link between South Ealing and the Great West Road, but the surface is so full of potholes as to be a risk to ride on. Nearly all group rides make use of the Olive Road/South Ealing Cemetery/Clayponds link, but it remains largely ignored by Hounslow Highways since requests for repairs began to be filed in 2013. As of late 2015, one individual recorded no fewer than 47 separate potholes.

    There are also scars left over from the removal of pedestrian refuge islands and other road furniture.

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  • Narrow shared-use path

    Created by Bracken VanRyssen // 0 threads

    The shared-use path between Union Road and Grove Road is only wide enough for two people walking side by side and is frequently used by pedestrians, effectively designing in conflict. The path surface itself is also heavily damaged by weathering and tree roots and makes for a rather uncomfortable ride.
    This route would benefit significantly from widening and resurfacing. There is a stretch of grassy bank on the east side of the fence that could be appropriated from the Hospital to create this additional space.

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  • Towpath Potholed

    Created by Cook // 1 thread

    The Grand Union canal towpath from Lincoln Road, Olton to Catherine de Barnes is full of potholes and becomes full of mud and puddles when it rains. The alternative is the busy Warwick Rd or Coventry Rd. This is the only off road route from Solihull to Birmingham so is suitable for families and young children.

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  • New potholes around drains

    Created by Alistair // 1 thread

    New potholes have opened up around the drain covers on the eastbound A1214. They are on the "Straight On Lane" at the roundabout with Ropes Drive.

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  • Deep crack - Very dangerous

    Created by Jose Ferraro // 1 thread

    As the cycle lane on Twickenham Road only goes into Park Road you need to leave the cycle lane to continue along Twickenham Road. At these two roads split there is a very deep crack that almost threw me over my handlebars as my front wheel dropped down it.

    This must have been there for quite a while as it is visible on google maps at the allocated point!!

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  • Poor road surface on Wimlands Road - gravel and potholes

    Created by DaveE // 0 threads

    The road surface on Wimlands Road is quite dangerously poor. There is much gravel on the road, particularly in the centre, and there are numerous small potholes to dodge.

    This is leading to a risk of accidents involving cyclists and putting off inexperienced cyclists from cycling to work.

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  • Terrible surface condition on cycle path forming part of NCN 20

    Created by DaveE // 0 threads

    The condition of the cyclepath is so bad that a road bike with narrow tyres cannot be comfortably or safely ridden along the cycle side of the segregared path. There are numerous potholes of more than 25mm depth and quite a bit of loose gravel besides a generally very rough surface. The surface is more pothole than surface in places! It is even bad for mountain bikes and especially bad for small wheeled bicycles such as folding bicycles. This is forcing cyclists to use the pedestrian side of the path, with the potential for safety issues and confrontation. Last seen mid July 2013.

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  • Potholes on Cumberland Road

    Created by carlystevens1989 // 1 thread

    There are a number of varying sized pot holes along the Cumberland Road leading up the traffic lights near the Mud Dock Deli, the side of the road with no cycle markings. They are mainly on the edge of the road, the largest being around 12 inches in diameter and are also in succession of each other. I would estimate around 10-15 pot holes in total.

    Cars are often less than forthcoming when you have to move into the middle of the road to avoid them and therefore cyclists often cycle on the path in order to avoid them - although this path is wide enough to accommodate a cyclist it is not a shared path.

    It would also be useful if this side of the road had cycle markings like the other side.

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  • Coronation Road Cycle Path

    Created by Keeno // 1 thread

    Someone wrote and complained in The Pigeon magazine, saying "why do cyclists not use the cyclepath on Coronation road and hold up traffic?"

    Good question. Because some people don't know it's there and the road is a smoother surface.
    It needs clear delineation, a smooth surface, and if the railings aren't to be moved, large "SHARED SPACES" marked around the tree bottlenecks (chevrons on pavement) so people know what's what.

    You wouldn't really know to look at it, that it's a cyclepath, with loats of signs stickered over.

    Ideally the Railing will be moved back to make it wider and so the large trees aren't a problem, but if money's tight, smooth surface and clear markings on the floor will do.

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