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  • Barnstaple town centre - five years plan

    Created by North Devon Cycling Forum // 0 threads

    New Cycle Routes linking current dead end Rolle Quay path infrastructure with ramps in/out of Pilton Park to Pilton High Street AND Yeo Vale Road. Note the Rolle Quay path infrastructure from the south across River Yeo has already been built, leading onto the tarmac path "rounding" Pilton Park on the north side (near playground). What is missing are the ramps to Pilton High Street and Yeo Vale Road.

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  • Barnstaple town centre - five years plan

    Created by North Devon Cycling Forum // 0 threads

    Upgrade footpath and widening to shared path on north side of Ashleigh Road Approach Road (requiring NEW lay out of one-way Approach Road, moving parking bays to disused opposite south side of Approach Road). Current vegetation can be replanted as buffer between new shared path and main carriageway, so nice look of road won't be affected.

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  • Quietway 83

    Created by Luce // 1 thread

    LCN 22 upgrade not yet at consultation. I am unsure of the alignment after Eddystone Rd.

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  • Access Walden

    Created by Simon Nuttall // 0 threads

    Access Walden is a campaign group based in Saffron Walden.

    Their objective is to create a safe walking and cycling link between their town centre and Audley End railway station, a journey of two miles.

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  • "Sustrans’ Cycle-Friendly Design Manual" COMMENTS PLEASE

    Created by Rohan Wilson // 1 thread

    Sustrans invites comments by 30 June on its draft chapters of a "Cycle-friendly Design Manual".

    This document, once published, could influence local authorities to provide better, safer cycle routes, and so persuade people who are not yet cycling their every day journeys to do so.

    Your comments please to by 30 June.

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  • Proposed Cycle Improvements to Eastfield Road

    Created by Peterborough Matt // 1 thread

    At the recent Cycle Forum meeting, PCC provided detailed plans of proposed improvements for cyclists along Eastfield Road, from the junction with Broadway to the junction with Oxney Road / Sainsburys turn off.

    I hope that PCC will forward the plans onto Cycle Forum members so everyone can have a detailed look, however, in the meantime I thought it may be useful to open this thread to begin an open discussion about our own views of Eastfield Road - what would we like to see, what do we think are the main issues?

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  • Access to Cambridge station from north and east

    Created by Oscar Hughes // 2 threads

    Large numbers of cyclists and pedestrians access Cambridge station from Devonshire Road and from the pedestrian and cycle bridge through the car park. This is unsafe, unpleasant and dangerous. How could we develop alternatives? A better route along Station Road and Tenison Road? Direct access to the station from the east doesn't really seem feasible.

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  • Roehampton Lane needs safe space4cycling

    Created by MB // 0 threads

    A fast road - dual carriageway in both directioms and with 6 lanes at one end. Speed limit of 30mph rarely respected - except in rushhour when speeds can be down to zero mph at times.

    Cyclists can not cycle safely along either side of the road. Cars, lorries, busses etc are travelling too fast, with drivers jostling to change lanes, overtake busses or 'beat the lights'. The cyclists I see are on the pavement & I don't blame them - frankly the layout is not fit for cyclists. Fortunately the pavement is wide, there are few pedestrians and there is ample room for considerate cyclists to travel this way. More cyclists would use this roue if it was safer & if it joined up properly with Danebury Avenue & the other cycle routes in the area.

    With the wide pavements & carriageway there is room for segregated cycle, pedestrian and motor vehicle routes. There may even be room for 'floating' bus stops. A zebra or Toucan crossing on the road would also reduce average speeds.

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  • NCN route 11 and the Waterbeach Gap

    Created by Rohan Wilson // 1 thread

    I've visited Riverside to Waterbeach with William Rayner of county cycling team. He's revising signage here and providing it along the St Ives corridor, with the old NCN 51 being renamed Regional Route 24 (blue patch). We've decided finally to continue to sign NCN 11 from Riverside Bridge to Waterbeach Station, and he's looking at suitable (hopefully temporary) wording to advise to follow NCN 51 to Bottisham for destinations beyond Waterbeach, which will hopefully eliminate misrouting those from outside the area.

    Our inspection of existing signs showed that only one new signboard was provided on completion 5 years ago of Riverside Bridge. Signboards still send people via Green Dragon. Sustrans considers signage is an important part of any route project.

    The intention is to sign Milton Country Park as a destination, not as part of the route, removing route signs within the park, and probably retaining Coles Road as the signed route through the village, though it would be much preferable to have improvements past the shops and the village green, pubs etc.

    Retaining the route to Waterbeach as NCN will help keep the gap in people's awareness.

    I am planning to contact again the landowner of the missing link between Bottisham Lock and Fen Road, Lode with a suggestion for a low-level route, southeast side of the Bottisham Lode floodbank which is the route of the public footpath, where signs forbid cycling. It might be considered more visually acceptable. All parish councils are for the route, including the one of which he is a member.

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  • Tankerville Terrace - our design

    Created by Katja Leyendecker // 0 threads

    Remove council's paid car parking (not well used anyhow) whilst retaining residents car parking on the east side, turn car parking space into two-way cycleway. The road might be turned into a one-way, or better still 'residents only' street

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  • Quiet Routes into Central Richmond from Ham

    Created by Kate // 1 thread

    This spot is part of the route that has potential to help people cycling avoid congested unappealing George Street in order to get to Richmond station or other parts of Richmond from the riverside. When you come up Friars Lane from the riverside you reach a junction where the traffic is one way away from central Richmond.

    If you follow the one way system left around the Green you add at least 5 minutes to your journey time. You cannot turn right and take the quicker route because it is one way. You also cannot turn right up King Street to join George Street because that is also one way.
    You also cannot go straight across the path on the Green as this is officially a footpath.

    There is more than one possible solution here: a contraflow for cyclists on the side of the Green nearest to George Street. A cycle path alongside the footpath straight across the Green.

    King Street would also benefit from a contraflow which would open up the options for cyclists - particularly when the riverside route is flooded.

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  • Regent Farm Road / Christon Road design

    Created by Katja Leyendecker // 0 threads

    Some rejigging

    There some flaws in the design. Pedstrian desire lines are ignored leading to staggered / staged crossings. The whole design does not do much for the public realm in general and the area remains an 'urban motorway'.

    The cycle lanes (width unknown) are an inadequate separation for the volume/speed of traffic and not even elephant footprints across to guide cyclists across the wide opening of the Regent bus stop entry have been included.

    Regent Farm Road entry should be closed down.

    We do not hold out much hope for the traffic light phasing. They will likely to be conventional highway design too.

    Plan is downloadable here

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  • Park Avenue / Harewood Road design

    Created by Katja Leyendecker // 0 threads

    Some re-adjustments. Includes cycle space and necking-down on Park Avenue are good.

    Not so good is inconsistency in the cycle infrastructure design, and disregard to pedestrian desire lines over Park Avenue (which could be rectified by moving the raised table), and no necking-down of Harewood Road.

    Plan is downloadable here

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