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  • Barnstaple town centre - five years plan

    Created by North Devon Cycling Forum // 0 threads

    New Cycle Routes linking current dead end Rolle Quay path infrastructure with ramps in/out of Pilton Park to Pilton High Street AND Yeo Vale Road. Note the Rolle Quay path infrastructure from the south across River Yeo has already been built, leading onto the tarmac path "rounding" Pilton Park on the north side (near playground). What is missing are the ramps to Pilton High Street and Yeo Vale Road.

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  • Nine Elms Pimlico bridge

    Created by Simon Munk // 1 thread

    Flyer says:
    Wandsworth Council is proposing a pedestrian and cycle bridge to
    connect Westminster and the new neighbourhood emerging in Nine Elms
    as well as the existing communities south of the river.
    The connection will improve access to this new shopping, restaurant and
    cultural district, as well as the new green spaces, thousands of jobs and
    Northern Line stations.
    Following consultation in 2017 on nine possible locations between
    Vauxhall and Chelsea bridges we have now selected three location
    options for further exploration.
    We want to find out what you think about this new car free bridge so are
    holding public exhibitions across Wandsworth, Westminster and Lambeth.
    Join us to learn more about the proposal and help shape one of London’s
    most exciting infrastructure projects. See the back of this leaflet for time
    and location details.
    You can also find out more and tell us your views online from Monday 5

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  • One way system in Bangor on Dee

    Created by Chris Neston // 1 thread

    The beautiful ancient bridge at Bangor on Dee is currently signed as a one way only system. This causes a barrier for cyclists wishing to cross the other way and a long diversion. Examination should be given to amending the system to allow two way travel for cyclists. This may mean installation of lights or preferable closure to motorised vehicles which would improve access for walkers.

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  • Missing bridges on railway paths

    Created by Matthew Phillips // 0 threads

    There are many locations on the railway paths west of Durham City where bridges were taken out and there are steep gradients, sometimes with poor road crossings, to navigate from one section of the path to another. The worst one is near Broompark picnic area where it is very steep.

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  • Upper Orwell Crossings Consultation

    Created by Shaun McDonald // 1 thread

    Suffolk County Council are currently consulting on the proposal for 3 new crossings in Ipswich on the River Orwell. Cycle Ipswich would like as many people as possible to respond to this consultation, particularly noting the importance of cycle crossings, and protected cycle tracks, without cyclists and pedestrians having to share space, on any crossing which has motor vehicles.

    You can take part in the survey on the Suffolk County Council website.

    There are a variety of staffed public exhibitions from Sunday 3rd July until Friday 22 July. Details of the exhibitions are on the SCC website.

    There are also two threads on our Google group about this.!topic/cycle-ipswich/-X1OasclqCM and!topic/cycle-ipswich/e1wQFQWmBAE

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  • Cut Bridge, West Lynn. No safe cycling facility

    Created by Rob Archer // 1 thread

    The Cut Bridge linking King's Lynn with West Lynn has no safe cycle facility, despite linking two sections of reasonably good quality cycleway. There is a narrow (1.2m) footway which cyclists often (illegally) use but it is too narrow to pass a pedestrian or another cyclist. There is also a low parapet with a risk of a cyclist being knocked over into the river in the event of a collision. This would almost certainly be fatal.

    The 'correct' way to cross the bridge is to rejoin the carriageway, which involves (westbound) crossing on a fast, blind bend then back again after the bridge.

    Possible Solutions:

    1) 20mph limit extended over the bridge - preferably accompanied by average-speed cameras.

    2) Narrow the road and install a wider (Min 3+1 m) shared-use path.

    3) Reduce the road to a single, bi-directional lane with a full-width (2m) cycle lane either side.

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  • Concrete bollards on Carter cycle bridge, North end

    Created by David Green // 1 thread

    This morning I noticed that two new concrete bollards have been installed at the North end of the Carter Cycle Bridge. These seem to be completely unnecessary and the position will probably cause accidents to cyclists descending into Devonshire Road.
    Were the Campaign aware of this and can we do anything to get them removed?

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  • Bridge over A142 unusable by larger cycles

    Martin Lucas-Smith // 1 thread

    I have been in contact with County Council about the bridge over the A142 at Soham.

    There are 4 sets of metal barriers on the cycle/foot bridge. They are too close together. Larger cycles, i.e. cargo bikes, bikes with child trailers, tag alongs and recumbents cannot
    use the bridge. Bridges in Cambridge do not have these barriers.

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  • Footbridge over Railway path at Whitehall school

    Created by BCyC Chair // 1 thread

    Persistent conflict between cycling and pedestrians on busy crossing by school. This is a downhill section of the path on a major commuting route so speeds are often high. There used to be a bridge over the railway here and could easily be again. Would need to be shared use but people on bikes won't use it much as they're entering or leaving the Railway Path.

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  • Westminster Bridge South

    Created by Simon Munk // 1 thread

    TfL say:

    "The improvements would provide a connection between the East-West Cycle Superhighway on the north bank of the Thames and the Central London Cycling Grid on Belvedere Road and Royal Street in Lambeth, providing a joined-up cycling network for this part of London."

    "Proposed layout changes for cyclists
    Provide cyclists with dedicated road space on Westminster Bridge, Westminster Bridge Road, Lambeth Palace Road, Addington Street and York Road; cyclists would be separated from traffic by a kerb or white line
    Separate cyclists and motor vehicle movements at junctions; cyclists would have their own traffic signals which would operate at different times to those for other traffic
    Widen the pedestrian/cycle crossing by the south end of Belvedere Road and improve the connection between Belvedere Road and Westminster Bridge Road
    Convert the pedestrian crossing on Lambeth Palace Road outside the hospital to a pedestrian/cycle crossing so that cyclists can access Royal Street from Lambeth Palace Road. The crossing would be changed from ‘staggered’ (two separate crossings with an island in the middle) to ‘straight across’ (a single crossing)
    Provide bus stop bypasses at bus stops D and E on Westminster Bridge Road, bus stops B and C on Lambeth Palace Road and the tour bus stop at the east side of Westminster Bridge so that cyclists could avoid having to mix with traffic. Cyclists would continue behind the bus stops on a carriageway-level cycle track, which would feature a chicane and narrowed track to reduce speeds. Bus passengers would access the bus stop waiting area by crossing the cycle track using a marked crossing point/s
    Widen the footway on the corner of York Road and Westminster Bridge Road to slow down left turning vehicles
    Cyclists would still be able to use the northbound bus and cyclist only route from Westminster Bridge Road to York Road"

    "Cycle facilities on Westminster Bridge
    "Westminster Bridge is a grade two listed structure and a busy bus, cycling and pedestrian route. We would like to know what you think about how cycle facilities should be provided on Westminster Bridge. We are proposing two options:
    a. 2.3m wide mandatory cycle lane in both directions
    This approach would give cyclists more space to overtake one another. A painted white line would separate cycles and motor vehicles, but there would be no physical segregation. Motor vehicles would be prohibited from entering the cycle lane.
    b. 1.8m wide segrgated cycle track in both directions
    This approach would provide cyclists with physical separation from motor vehicles using a 0.5m wide traffic island, but may reduce cyclists’ opportunity to overtake one another."

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  • Update on plans for Burwell Lode bridge?

    Created by FlossieT // 1 thread

    This isn't quite our area, I suspect, but I'm wondering if anyone in the group knows what's happening with the once-proposed new bridge at Burwell Lode? Back in 2010, the Campaign newsletter reported that, "The National Trust anticipates being able to build this 'in the next couple of years'"; from what I can find elsewhere on the web, new ramps were built near/to the existing (horrible) bridge in 2012-13.

    Not an urgent enquiry - it's just the route to Ely via Reach is one I do fairly often with friends with small children/babies in trailers, and at the moment we have to detour via Bottisham to avoid it, so I wondered if the new bridge was still on the cards at all.



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  • Polmadie Bridge to be demolished!

    Created by Lizzie // 1 thread

    Glasgow City Council have confirmed that Polmadie Bridge is to be demolished as it cannot be repaired. This imperfect but important link from southside has been severed; makes a mockery of Commonwealth games legacy routes.

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  • NCN 15 Trent Bridge to Clifton suggested route

    Created by BrianInBeeston // 0 threads

    Proposed route of NCN 15 from Trent bridge to Clifton, following the south bank of the river Trent. The idea under discussion is for the route to be temporarily signed by Sustrans volunteer rangers in the first instance. there are also plans to sign an NCN 15 to NCN6 link route via Wilford Toll, Birdcage walk, Lenton Lane, Abbey St. NCN15 from Clifton westwards to East Midlands parkway station can be signed once the A453 works are complete.

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  • ramp for pedestrian bridge over Manor Rd level crossing.

    Created by MB // 1 thread

    A cycle ramp on the pedestrian bridge over the Manor Rd level crossing would be a great idea. Cyclists could continue their journey by crossing the bridge and ensure they were out of the way of drivers impatient to set off when the barriers rise. If done correctly, ramps would ensure that parents with buggies could also cross the bridge - getting them & their youngsters on their way & out of the pollution generated by the drivers who rarely switch off engines while waiting for the barriers to rise.

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  • NCN 15 Trent Bridge to Clifton proposed

    Created by BrianInBeeston // 1 thread

    Proposed route of NCN 15 from Trent bridge to Clifton, following the south bank of the river Trent. The idea under discussion is for the route to be temporarily signed by Sustrans volunteer rangers in the first instance. there are also plans to sign an NCN 15 to NCN6 link route via Wilford Toll, Birdcage walk, Lenton Lane, Abbey St. NCN15 from Clifton west can be signed once the A453 works are complete.

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  • Tower Bridge road surface

    Created by londoncycler // 1 thread

    On the south (Southwark) side of the bridge just before the central section there is a very prominent ridge approximately one metre away from the kerb and running parallel to the bridge for some 30 metres. It is located exactly in the path of cyclists crossing the bridge who can be knocked off as they cross the ridge in either direction. In the dark and in the wet the ridge is very hard to see and cyclists may not see the ridge. The fault has been reported repeatedly in the course of more than 2 years to the local highway authority but no action has been taken. Can the highway authority explain why the ridge has not been removed?

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  • Alresford Creek Crossing

    Created by Gary // 1 thread

    Following closely the route of an old railway line between Colchester and Brightlingsea this proposed route would link Colchester to Walton-on-the-Naze. It provides a much needed commuter route out of Brightlingsea linking it safely to Wivenhoe, the University of Essex and Colchester and creates a new leisure route in a holiday district. It builds on the existing four mile NCN51 route from Colchester to Wivenhoe by adding 5 miles off-road to Brightlingsea via a new river crossing at Alresford Creek. From there it utilises an existing pleasant frequent summer ferry crossing to Point Clear and creates a 25 mile coastal route much of it off-road.

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  • Usk foot/cycle Bridge at Llanfoist

    Created by Fraser Stephens // 0 threads


    If the authorities are serious about expanding Llanfoist with new housing and de-trunking the A40 though Abergavenny, then they have to face this problem. A foot/cycle bridge, either just upstream of the existing bridge, or down stream into castle meadows would both be a solution, as would a new road bridge that would allow the old bridge to become single lane.

    We all know that cost is the big problem here and that some of the options are not going to be possible, but we should campaign for some solution to be found.

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  • Usk Bridge traffic calming and pedestrian crossings

    Created by Fraser Stephens // 1 thread


    If a foot/cycle bridge is not going to happen in the medium term, then how about some traffic calming measures to reduce driver's speed expectations over the bridge? Drivers who have just come of a dual carriage way at 70mph+ or have been zooming along the A40 at 60mph+ are suddenly sharing space with cyclists having had little warning that this is about to happen.

    We suggest deploying traffic calming measures, such as marked cycle ways, belisha beacon crossings (much needed anyway!) and signage making it clear that care is required. If the speed limit was clearly lower, many drivers will not be so aggressively trying to overtake cyclists.

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  • Rebuild the Usk railway bridge as a cycle/foot bridge

    Created by Fraser Stephens // 0 threads


    Radical, and would please victorian steam enthusiasts... but how about actually re-instating the old high-level bridge? The footings are still there and, if extended, could link directly onto route 46 beside Waitrose, thereby avoiding the need to cross the busy road!

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