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Listed issues, most recent first, limited to the area of Cyclenation:

  • Bollards on Cycle Track in Starcross

    Created by kirbyjames // 0 threads

    The short length of narrow cyclepath contains two black bollards. (presumably to stop small cars using thbe cyclepath) These present a hazard to cyclists - we are aware of three cyclists havingh been injured hitting them.
    It is recomended that they be removed.

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  • 138 homes on City FC site, Mitcham's Corner 12/1211/FUL

    Created by Rohan Wilson // 1 thread

    An application for 148 homes 11/0008/FUL was refused by Planning Committee(against officer recommendation) on 4 April. Cycle parking "storage" is generally less easy to reach than car parking, and it appears that for the central blocks it is proposed in a shared basement area - I haven't found the drawing for the basement.

    There is no access to the site except by the narrow road around the existing Westbrook office block - the site is a deep enclave.

    The issues for cycling are probably virtually identical to previously. One of various reasons for previous refusal was "...lack of transport mitigation measures..." and the Highways provisional comment on the current one outlines concerns. I fear that cycle and pedestrian access issues were not previously considered grounds for refusal and that therefore we might be fighting a lost cause... have contacted the officer about this, and hope to submit a comment for Sustrans.

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  • Noel Road / Cawdor Crescent link

    Created by Chris Lowe // 1 thread

    Monument Road is a serious barrier to cyclists using this designated cycle route. There is a pedestrian crossing, just down Monument Road, but the pavements are too narrow for shared use.

    There needs to be a crossing to enable cyclists to move easily along the cycle route.

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  • Carmageddon: Improving Congestion Message Signs in Cambridge

    Created by // 3 threads

    On Hills Rd Bridge (etc) a large message sign displaying 5 lines of text and two screens warns of delays because of upcoming building work in central Cambridge (Lensfield Rd etc)

    I am minded to write to the city early on Monday

    Re: Message signs warning of congestion due to street works

    Dear Madam, Sir,

    We would like to make an suggestion regarding the text displayed on the mobile message signs currently warning of major road works and congestion. Our suggestions would be to add the words “Thanks for cycling” and “Try the bicycle to avoid delays” (alternating).

    We believe it is entirely appropriate to use any major road-works as an opportunity to encourage the use of active transportation, because it is proven to reduce congestion. Such messages will also deliver an important message about the status of cycling in the city. The expression of gratitude expressed in the first suggestion is especially important, as it sets a tone of public appreciation.

    We would also like to remind you that a recent Freeway closure in Los Angeles was widely advertised by local authorities as “Carmageddon” and residents were encouraged to participate in local bike rides, organised by the regional transportation authority (METRO), to overcome the expected delays. Given our own little Carmageddon, should Cambridge not do the same ?

    Feedback please, contacts, CCs to the press, Travel to work, etc

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  • Cycle racks: Palace Green

    Created by Matthew Phillips // 1 thread

    There is no obvious public cycle parking on Palace Green, the key tourist destination in Durham. While there is some cycle parking, it is well hidden and un-signposted. Some racks along between the trees at the Castle end of Palace Green would be ideal.

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  • Lack of cycle parking

    Created by Simon Hewison // 0 threads

    A parade of shops that serve the local community have nowhere suitable to park bicycles, not even any useful street furniture. Having a sensible cycle rack here would encourage people to cycle to these shops rather than drive.

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  • Sustrans to Visit Cambridge

    Created by // 1 thread

    Jim C raised this in an email to SUSTRANS: ...if staff from the London office would find an 'Awayday' in Cambridge an interesting outing?
    > Cambridge can be great in the spring, and if a trip is in term time
    you can see just the sorts of diverse cycles and cyclists (diversity)
    > I'm sure we can create a good itinerary, covering innovative
    locations, tourist hotspots, and key cycle facilities.
    > As I said at the time, why go 'Dutch' to see examples of cycle
    culture, when in Cambridge you can see what can be achieved in the UK.

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  • Overgrown shrubs on Penistone Road cycle path

    Created by Matt Turner // 1 thread

    This is a segregated off road path.

    The plants along the marked section of the Penistone Road cycle path restrict the width of the path considerably and make it impossible for 2 cyclists to pass each other keeping in the cycle lane and forcing cyclists to take to the pedestrian half of the path.

    There are also plants overhanging the pedestrian side which make pedestrians walk along the cycle half causing conflict.

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  • Bike Parking in Leopold Square, Aagrah Restaurant

    Created by Tammy Hervey // 0 threads

    There is a bike rack outside Leopold Square. But it was full when I arrived there at 3pm on Thursday 6 Sept 2012. So I locked my bike to the railings outside the Aagrah Restaurant on Leopold Square. When I came back to it (after a lovely afternoon tea in the Leopold Hotel) someone had locked another bike to it. After frantic asking around everyone I could see in the square (embarrassing!), I found that the manager of Aagrah had done it. He was most unpleasant about it, saying (I believe correctly) that it is private property and that I could not park a bike there. There was no notice anywhere requesting bike users not to do so.

    I gather that the issue has been taken up with the management - so if whomever did this on my behalf would like to comment, I'd be grateful.

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  • Business Improvement District (BID) proposal

    Created by // 0 threads

    Proposal for a Business Improvement District which would replace (?) "Love Cambridge".

    Proposal is all about safety, cleanliness, city ambassadors, ultimately revenue

    Beverly Carpenter from has a very spirited and serious response in the local paper (does not include the "threat to diversity" argument present in the print version)

    She calls it an attempt to privatise public space, privatise policing, (BID's don't honor Freedom of information requests) and turning the city centre into a shopping centre

    I have seen these BIDs working in other places: ambassadors whizzing around on strange wheeled things, trying to enforce "no cycling" rules, but also a large budget which funded an annual festival.

    The proposal has no language about car parking this is a topic that needs to be very closely watched from the bicycle saddle.

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  • Poor quality NCN1 on entering Ipswich from the South

    Created by Shaun McDonald // 1 thread

    This section of the flagship National Cycle Network Route 1 on entering Ipswich is of particularly poor quality. There are nettles, brambles and other bushes overgrowning the very rough and narrow path. Is this really the quality of cycling that we want to show to Dutch cyclists coming over from the Netherlands who would have expected there to be a tarmaced cycle path that's a couple of metres wide. There is space to here to place a good surface.

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  • Transport Corridor Funding

    Created by cobweb // 1 thread

    On a bi-annual basis, the funding for S106 projects is to be reviewed with Area Committee recommendations going to Cabinet for final approval.

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